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How long does it take to get my order?

Typically products ship out in 5-7 days however, due to certain circumstances, there can be some delays.  To ensure that everything is made with the freshest ingredients we don't keep a large quantity of many of these ingredients on hand.  Because our products are handmade in small batches and not mass produced, they do take some time to assemble.  We appreciate your patience while waiting for your products!

Why don't you have preservatives in your products? Won't they go bad?

None of our products contain water which is what causes bacteria to grow.  The best way to keep your products lasting as long as possible is to store them sealed and away from excess moisture.  

I forgot I had a deodorant at home and bought an extra today, I don't want it to go bad before using it!

Chill out!  Literally! Any of our products can simply be put in the refrigerator or a cool dark place until you are ready to use them.  The decrease in temperature helps keeping oils from going rancid before they are used! 

Your deodorant doesn't have antiperspirant in it. Do you have an option for that?

You are correct, we have no antiperspirant!  But, guess what?  You don't need it!  Antiperspirants aren't good for your system.  They are foreign ingredients that shut down your sweat glands.  Many find that when those glands are shut down with an antiperspirant they then need more product to keep it at bay!  However, once the cycle is broken and all glands are used equally most notice they don't miss the antiperspirant part.  Our deodorant is made with natural and organic ingredients that not only keep you from smelling but from perspiring as well.  

Ouch!  I must be allergic to something in the deodorant, I have a rash! 

Quite the contrary!  If you've been using a deodorant with aluminum there is a small chance our deodorant will help you to detox all those toxins from your underarms.  Typically this takes about a week to process and heal.  You may choose to continue with the deodorant as you wish or avoid it while detoxing.  Do not go back to your commercial deodorant in the meantime!  It will just make this process longer.  For me personally, I avoided all deodorant and razors for 5 days. However, some people do react to the active ingredient in the deodorant.  Everyone has a different pH and some people just don't tolerate things on the alkaline side of things.  A sensitive skin formula will be available soon.  

Do you have any vegan products?

Here at Halisi we love animals as much as you do!  We don't do any testing or supporting of animal testing or cruelty.  In a few products we do use a couple animal based products; beeswax, and emu oil (in our Eye Serum only) but obtain our products from companies certified fair trade. Beeswax is a byproduct of the honey making process and is used in our deodorant and lip balm. We do have a vegan friendly version of both these products! Emu oil is in fact removed from emus however our oil is extracted from emus who are slaughtered for their meat and not solely for their oil. Any items without these ingredients are animal product free. 

Are all your products made in the USA? 

This question needs a multi part answer. All products are mixed and packaged in the United States and local companies are used for materials and supplies. However, many of the items used (specifically oils that are only available from foreign countries) do come from the country of origin. That said, any supplier we choose to use is USDA certified organic, ECOCERT, fair trade, or Fair for Life. 

Your ingredients list states organic ingredients but there's nothing on the front certifying your products are actually organic. So are they organic? 

All our products are made with organic ingredients when available.  Those items are listed on the back in the ingredient list. Few items aren't available organic, for example, lanolin has no USDA certification.  As for a certified organic label, that label comes at a fairly hefty price we are just not ready for at this time. 

I don't care the scent, can you do a custom fragrance order or unscented? 

In our effort to stay as pure as possible, all the scents used in our products come in the form of essential oils.  While we can get our hands on organic artificial fragrances, we choose to use things that not only are found in nature but have a beneficial purpose.  We have found that people who are very used to artificial fragrances often aren't quite used to natural scents. As far as unscented items, again, since essential oils are used for their wonderful properties most oils are there for a reason.  Removing them also may not make the product have no scent as some oils naturally have their own stench.  Part of our careful research and formulating requires us to utilize as much of these often unpleasant oils and maintain a final product with a pleasant aroma.